About Me

Very early in my life, before passing school, I desired to do journalism! That’s why when I was a student of higher secondary (college) level; I joined in a weekly newspaper in 1999 as a local correspondent. And when I got admitted into the University, I have been seriously involved in reporting.

Firstly, I started my journey with ‘Daily Inquilab’ as a contributor in December 2003. After that I worked with the dailies, one after another named ‘The Daily Ajkaler Khabor’, ‘Prothom Alo’, Tabloid daily ‘Manabzamin’, ‘Daily Azadi’ etc. I have been working in Azadi since November 2005. In 2010 I transferred its Dhaka Bureau. After that in 2011 I have joined in ‘The Daily Bhorer Kagoj’. Bhorer Kagoj is one of the top most circulated Bengali newspaper in Bangladesh. I worked with minimum five media houses. For this reason I was involved with several kinds of reporting bit. From human rights to environmental issues, politics to health issues, business reporting to educational reporting in Bangladesh.

As a journalist some of my reports have achieved National and International awards. Two awards were from the United Nations. One was WFP Media Award-2008 for best reporting in Food Security and UNAIDS Media Award-2007 for best reporting about HIV & AIDS. Beside that I have got International Committee of the Red Cross Media Award for best reporting on Human Rights, Media Award from Bangladesh Government for best reporting on Climate Change Impact, World Bank Journalist Award for best reporting about stigma and discrimination. I have achieved JATRI investigative reporting fellowship, Press Institute of Bangladesh (PIB) investigative reporting fellowship. Moreover, I awarded from the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) for excellent reporting on the Climate Change impact on food security in Bangladesh. I am fellow of UNESCO, Press Institute of Bangladesh (PIB) and Journalism Training & Research Initiative (JATRI).

I am an executive committee member and office secretary of the Bangladesh Climate Change Journalists Forum (BCJF). Moreover, I am a permanent member of Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU), Chittagong Union of Journalists (CUJ) and ex-member of Chittagong University Journalists Association.

I have completed my Honor’s & Masters degree from Bengali literature from Chittagong University.

I have completed an international training from IIJ, Germany, held in Chennai, India in 2012. I have covered United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP17) in Durban, South Africa in 2011, COP18 in Doha, Qatar and COP19 in Warsaw Poland in 2013. I traveled in Malaysia in the year of 2007 to cover an international seminar on tourism. I have successfully completed an international training course named freedom and responsibility in the media in Chennai, India. It was jointly organized by International Institute for Journalism (IIJ), Germany and Asian College of Journalism (ACJ), India. I joined in a workshop at the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) in Delhi In 2012. I took a part Nepal conference as a fellow of International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) in April 2013. I traveled to France, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Austria, Vatican City, South Africa, Malaysia, India, Qatar, Nepal etc.

Beside my job I have some personal online initiatives to serve people:

  1. allmedialink.com (It’s a media link portal for media lover!)
  2. BartaBangla.com (Popular Online Newspaper: Bengali & English version)
  3. NGONewsBD.com (It’s a portal to serve NGO related news)
  4. MobileLiker.com (Cell Phone related updates)
  5. healthylife24.com (Health and lifestyle news & information related website)
  6. HotTrend24.com (Website about latest Hot Trend of the world)
  7. allnewslinker.com (All types of news feed site so that anyone can get news-flash in a moment!)
  8. DigBazar.com (Digital Bazar)
  9. souhardo.com (Love blog, test transmission)
  10. TStyler.com (Ecommerce site, test transmission)

International Exposes:

>> Participation in an International seminar about Tourism in Malaysia in 2007.

>> Covered COP17 in Durban, South Africa in 2011.

>> Participation in a training program for South Asian Journalists in Chennai, India in 2012.

>> Covered COP18 in Doha, Qatar in 2012.

>> Joined E-Outreach training for South Asian journalist, organized by CSE, Delhi, India in 2013.

>> Took part Nepal conference as a fellow of International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) in April 2013.

>> Covered COP19 in Warsaw, Poland in 2013.

>> Participated in DW Global Media Forum 2014 as Orange Magazine Team Member in Germany.

Country Visited

France, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Austria, Vatican City, South Africa, Malaysia, India, Qatar, Nepal etc.